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Location: Vancouver, BC
Practice Area: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright

"Protecting Your Ideas and Covering Your Assets™ since 1994"

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright

British Columbia

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Andrei Mincov is the founder and CEO of Trademark Factory®, the only firm in the world where licensed lawyers and trademark agents help entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world trademark their brands with a free comprehensive trademark search, for a single all-inclusive flat fee, with a 100% money-back guarantee. Having started with his father as the first client back in 1994, Andrei has since helped a wide range of creators and companies. He has done work for many composers; designers; book writers, including J.K. Rowling; film directors; singers; artists; individual software developers; movie producers; film companies ranging from small ones to Dreamworks; software companies from one-man startups to Apple, Microsoft and Sun; recording companies; electronics manufacturers, including Sony and Motorola; car companies, including Porsche and Ford; apparel companies, including Columbia Sportswear; perfumery and skincare companies, including Amway, L'Oreal and Mary Kay; and a countless number of other clients, big and small. Andrei came to Canada in 2007 and, despite his PhD in Law from Russia, had to go back to law school. Then, having received his Canadian license to practice law, he founded Mincov Law Corporation, a business law firm with a focus on intellectual property, his big passion. In addition to typical services relating to copyright, trademarks, domain names, know-how, patents, contracts and litigation, Andrei provides a unique service that no other lawyer provides in Canada, the Worldwide Enforceability Checkup: for a flat fee his clients may obtain legal information explaining the issues they would face if they relied on their existing copyright licenses and assignments outside Canada, and how to address these issues. Andrei is aware of many reasons why people dislike lawyers. He started Mincov Law Corporation to make sure his firm is different. In 2013, Andrei launched a service that is revolutionizing the way businesses register their trademarks in Canada and the U.S. It's called the Trademark Factory® ( ) In 2015, Andrei voluntarily gave up his lawyer license to scale Trademark Factory internationally.



IP Strategy Review: $997

Trademark Registration: Several flat-rate packages offered!

Worldwide Enforceability Checkup: $2,500


Vancouver Board of Trade

Russian Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Committee

UNESCO Chair on Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights

Canadian Constitution Foundation

Domain Name Resolution under UDRP, 2004

International Protection of Intellectual Property, 2001

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