Why should my license be suspended. i was insured.

I owned 4 cars at the time of a not my fault accident. 3 cars were on my liability insurance policy. the jeep i was in was not on the policy. however, i only carry liability insurance. which covers the damage andmedical for the other person I hit. however i didnt hit anyone, it was their fault for the accident. so nothing was even needed ffrom my insurance. comapnay however the dmv claims i wasnt insured. i was. the jeep wasnt on my policy, but who cares what car i am driving, liability only covers the victims cars or property not mine. anyway, so the dmv suspeneded my license for 1 year, becasue i wasnt insured. i was insured.

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Under the law in California, insurance companies are required to electronically report private-use vehicle insurance information to DMV.
The law only requires that you carry liability insurance, so this might present a problem since the vehicle involved at the time of the accident was not covered by any insurance policy. So even if you did not injure anyone or compensation was not needed, the DMV may hold you liable for being insured since the jeep you were in was not covered by liability insurance.

Posted almost 9 years ago

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