<br /><br /> <p>Ok so i bought an alienware laptop off my friend and I transferred<br />ownership to my name. so it has stopped working so I contacted support and they<br />had be run a few test that involved me taking the battery out and unscrewing some<br />stuff ok when nothing worked I started putting it back together and stabbed &nbsp;myself in the hand and bled all over my<br />laptop. Support told me I can no longer send it in and asked me to send them<br />pictures of the laptop and blood on it.(that is totally weird to me) but I still<br />did after I went to hospital (ER) &nbsp;because<br />I had a hole in my palm and needed it mended . I have sent them everything they<br />have asked for and more. Support told me they would contact me in 24 hours it<br />has been 48 and I&rsquo;m getting really upset about this I have 245 days left on my<br />400 dollar warranty. And now I want to sue them for making me injury myself and<br />treating me like I&rsquo;m some kind of scam artist. I want to know what my legal options<br />are. Thank you sincerely M.S.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Asked about 6 years ago in Provo, Utah
Categories: Contracts  Small Claims  Personal Injury  General Legal Questions

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Hi there. I'm sorry no one has answered you yet. Please try to contact this lawyer directly and he may be able to point you in the right direction:

Posted about 6 years ago

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