Selling house after spouse dies

mom died house is in both their(dad) names, Dad has dementia i am his durable power of attorney. can I sell the house with moms death certificate and I sign on his behalf at closing ( florida) (pasco county)

Asked over 8 years ago in Hudson, Florida
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Lesly C Longa

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I imagine this was your parents' principal residence that they owned as husband & wife (purchased after their marriage), so any interest your mother had in the property automatically passed to your father at her death.  The short answer is that it depends on the power of attorney (POA), so I cannot tell you for sure without seeing it.  If the POA authorized the sale of the home, and also contains special wording allowing for its use after his incapacity, then yes you will have the power to sell your father's home.  Here is a consumer pamphlet that will answer most of your questions:
If you need additional assistance, I am a real estate and probate attorney in the area, and I can be reached at the 800-673-7905. Hope this information helps.
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Posted over 8 years ago

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