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We purchased property and built a home last year. Since we have lived here, a neighbor has been relentless about a parking pad we had put in by the builder. Unbeknownst to the builder and us, it was against zoning code.&nbsp; He has had a vendetta against the builder and now the new home owners since the first house went up in 2008.&nbsp; He has habitually complained about their parking situation as well.&nbsp; <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>We received a variance to keep the pad as a patio.&nbsp; We admit guests have parked there and or perhaps one of our vehicles together less than <span style="text-decoration: underline;">5 times in the past year</span>.&nbsp; That is 5 out of 365 days or less than 2% since we had the patio approved.&nbsp; The neighbor has our home under surveillance to see if and when we might park there.&nbsp; This is just creepy to us we and that is why we consider this to be stalking and harassment.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>My 16 year old daughter and I (female) are creeped out by him and he was the main reason, after speaking with neighbors, why we have a security system.&nbsp;&nbsp; Last year 20 neighbors wrote the prosecutor and mayor to get this 25 year old male, who lives with Mom and Dad (the Dad is a creeper too!) to stop the harassment of the whole neighborhood.&nbsp; He measures people&rsquo;s grass with a yard stick and takes pictures and reports neighbors for the smallest infraction.&nbsp; Our two little streets had over 300 zoning complaints in the last few years.&nbsp; There was no action by the prosecutor or mayor.&nbsp; A member of city council did take up the cause, but then did not get re-elected last year.&nbsp; He reports this anonymously on the city website and so we cannot prove they are all him, but we know it is him.&nbsp; The complaints are all worded the same because he was an urban planning major in college.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>What can we do?&nbsp; I want to bring civil harassment charges against him or have a lawyer write a letter to scare him.&nbsp; We feel he is bulling the whole neighborhood, but the latest issue has been with us.&nbsp; Do I have a leg to stand on the this is causing myself and daughter to feel we are being watched in our own home.&nbsp; My husband already says we will move in 2 years when my daughter graduates from high school.&nbsp; This was what we would consider our dream house and he is making it a nightmare!</p>

Asked over 6 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio
Categories: Civil Litigation  Criminal Law

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