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If you have a joint checking account in Michigan with your husband, is the wife entitled to half of the money?  Also, how do I keep my husband from draining the account?

Asked over 8 years ago in Morenci, Michigan
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Matt Vititoe

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It depends. Presumably, all marital assets and income are jointly owned. However, there are factors that affect the even distribution of those assets and income. For example, a joint account gives each spouse access to all of the funds in the account regardless of who deposited those funds or even if each spouse agrees to take half.
Usually the question of "am I entitled to half" comes up when a spouse is contemplating divorce. If that is in fact what you are contemplating, call me to set up a consultation. 
If you are merely trying to figure out how to protect the funds in your joint accounts from your spouse's poor spending habits, consider setting up and individual account for your funds only. This would limit his access to those funds. 
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Posted over 8 years ago

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