Need help for my son. under investigation fro a crime he wasn't involved in.

My son is incarcerated. And, a recent incident happen 2 and a half weeks ago. An inmate was stabbed to death. My son is under investigation with 5 other inmates. They have been moved to Jackson State Prison. My son wasn't in the area when the crime was commented. But, was moved anyway with 5 other males. He didn't know what was going on. They came in the area where he was and told him to come with them and he was transported to Jackson without being told til he got there. He was there for 2 weeks before I even knew of the crime or move. I have called and ask and no one will tell me anything. He doesn't even know. He said the GBI is investigating the case and said even if he didn't kill the man; he could be charged with being there and knowing something and not telling them. I want to know what inmates rights are? His sentences has nothing to do with the crime at hand. I have visited him, and he said he didn't know what happen and who did it. and why, he was moved? Can he be charged for this even when he keeps telling the GBI he wasn't involved in the crime and he wasn't the one who did it?  Does he need legal help right now during the investigation? What canI do to find out what is going on with my son and why they have put him in a confined area alone? What steps can I take to help my son? What are the prisoner's rights?

Asked over 8 years ago in Stockbridge, Georgia
Categories: Civil Litigation  Criminal Law  Family  Municipal Law  Wills, Estates, Trusts  Class Actions  Health  Insurance  Legal Aid  Prisoners' Rights  Social Security & Disability

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