What will this man get charged with if convicted on both charges?

my boyfriend went to go and pick up his sister whom was fighting with her boyfriend, the police have came to their house several times over disputes and he has been arrested once before for choking and attacking her, since their were no other witness it was only a misdemeanor domestic he was also charged with 3 possession charges and injury to child...he has not yet gone to sentencing for that but they cut a deal with him which obviously now wil be off the table..but when my boyfriend arrived and was attempting to get his sister out of the car her boyfriend came behind nick and stabbed him in the back of the head with a screw driver making a 3 inch hole and then grabbed my boyfriends sister and stabbed her in the temple he was charged with battery aggravated causing great bodily harm, and felony assault domestic violence.

Asked over 8 years ago in Meridian, Idaho
Categories: Criminal Law  Personal Injury  General Legal Questions

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