What does it mean to garnish property. credits

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What is garnishment?  When a person has been sued and another person or company has obtained a court judgment against them, garnishment is a way to collect on that judgment.  Garnishment is a writ, issued by a court to a person who may have property that he/she/it owes to the judgment debtor. This might be an employer who owes wages to the employee/judgment debtor.  So if a person's wages are garnished it means that the creditor goes to the person's employer with the writ or garnishment and says "your employee owes me money so instead of paying his salary to him, pay it to me to satisfy his debt to me."  Most states have a limit on how much of a person's wages can be garnished in any one pay period.  Most states also have laws that say how long a writ of garnishment can last.  This can be from thirty days to a year.  The practice in the state where I work usually is to permit garnishments to run for thirty days and then be renewed for another, thirty, etc.  The costs of the garnishment usually have to be paid by the judgment debtor (the one who was sued).

Posted almost 9 years ago

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