How much % does my lawyer get from the settlement?

It's a personal injury case for a car accident without a 3rd party involved (so hit a post) <p>This is what it says in the agreement: " with respect to any lump sum settlement of my claim for accident benefits, 25% of the total amount recovered; and with respect to any weekly benefits of my claim for accident benefits 20% of all weekly benefits recovered, except medical benefits.</p> <p>So does that mean my lawyer will take $20% for the weekly benefits <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">AND</span> </strong>25% from the lumpsum or just one of those?</p> <p>Total settlement is $12,000</p> <p>He already mentioned he will take $800 from the weekly benefits, so if he takes 25% from the lumpsum, does that mean he takes $3,000 more from the $12,000? or $12,000 - $800 - $2,800 (25%).</p> <p>Thank you.</p>

Asked about 9 years ago in Toronto, ON
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The terms of the contract are the default.  However, if the terms of the contract are ambiguous the ambiguous term is usually interpreted in favor of the party that did not create the contract.  You should really talk to your attorney because practice varies from state to state.

Posted about 9 years ago

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