Hello, i am waiting to hear the final result from a new job application.

Hello,I am waiting to hear the final result from a new job application.  The status of the app for the new job is pending employment verification and educational verification.  The current job that I am desperate to leave from is a PAL (performance assessment liaison) position with a large corporation.  I was somewhat set up by my current boss in terms of on a phone call with a customer, I accidentally repeated "would you like to call us back at another time?" (i was sort of confused with a past call where a customer repeatedly advised me that he will call back at a later time to follow up on something about his bill/service.  Well, I immediately confessed to my boss that same day of what happened.  He deviously notified his Manager, then the end result was a 'Dismissal' document on me.  He advised me that I had a great heart and would allow me to stay on at the job, which I still am active there, but he repeatedly is warning me of quality performance.  What I am worried about is my pending application for a job with a new employer, and my status with the HR department at my current place.  I would please like the truth if at al possible,  can this be held against me when the prospective employer contacts the current HR person and asks if I am rehirable or not?  I know, quite the position eh?  Please help, I am very very worried.  I am doing very well and am told that and still on task at the job.  What can come out of this new employement verification?  thank you and very glad you are there!!  mb

Asked over 9 years ago in Nebraska
Categories: Labour & Employment

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