4 months of civil demand letters

In January I was caught trying to shoplift 2 nail polishes from discount drug mart. There was a police officer called but it was just to verify some of my information because I didn't have my state ID on me. It as so long ago that I don't remember what the forms that I signed said. I am 22 years old. I just remember them telling me that I will be banned from the store for life. I have been ignoring the civil demand letters like I have seen people advise online. It is May now and I've received my first phone call from drug mart's office and warehouse. This has caused some anxiety because I am aware that they could still pursue civil action. How long until I know whether they will or won't? The only thing I have gotten in the mail in regards to this incident have been to collect the fine. The fine is for $83.98, so I was fairly confident that it wasn't worth pursuing. Do you know how long it will be before they can stop threatening me? Thank you so much,

Asked 29 days ago in Parma heights, Ohio
Categories: Small Claims  Corporate/Commercial  Business Law

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