Old divorce issue. judge won't accept most of my evidence.

Divorce decree states if I sell the house without the intent of buying another I must sell the house and give the x 1/2 of the proceeds. I sold the house in 2011 which he knew. I also am buying a house- 2 days after I sold the house I did a contract for deed in which I won't get title til I have fully paid for it. Now in 2019 he takes me to court for 1/2 of the proceeds. Judge wouldn't accept the contract for deed for the house I'm buying. Judge also kept telling me I need to wrap it up. ( court was scheduled for 2 pm- got in court at 225 bc they ran behind. Then at 330 they had to stop for other hearings which we got to resume back around 447pm. It was around 7 pm the judge kept reminding me it's getting late). Pretty much each piece of evidence the other attorney would argue to not let it in for evidence. So I basically have no evidence and the judge wouldn't let me claim latches, waiver etc. Wouldn't those apply since he clearly knew what was going on and waited 8 years to bring it up? Can judges rush people to finish up? I have a tramatic brain injury - my brain was getting tired and it was hard trying to hurry to present evidence to help the judge see my side but of course lol the other lawyer had issue. At the end the judge said now both sides can send each other questions and then each answers then both will send in a closing argument. The other lawyer said " no we are not doing it, we will do closing arguments and that's it, no more going back and forth". I wanted to do the questions back and forth rather than just closing argument bc I felt rushed and my brain had turned to mush. So the judge eventually agreed to just send in closing arguments. I asked about latches and the judge said to put it in closing arguments. There was so much info that I had left to present but being it was getting late I didn't want to upset the judge. Any ideas on what to do now?

Asked 11 months ago in North Dakota
Categories: Family

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Russell Dale Knight

Answer by Russell Dale Knight

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I would recommend looking for a lawyer who is a member of the AAML.  Those lawyers have truly devoted themselves to family law

Posted 9 months ago

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