Legal recourse against ex?

My ex & I were divorced in 2012. At that time, we did not do any settlement of marital property. Not long after, he filed bankruptcy. He included our house as a surrender (he lived in it & was not paying). After he concluded the bankruptcy, he wanted to refinance, so I signed a paper giving him the house & obsolving me of being financially responsible for the loan. Instead of refinancing, he did a loan modification (without my signature) that I thought took me off the loan. Fast forward and my husband & I file bankruptcy. The mortgage company filed an unsecured claim because even though my name is no longer on the property, it is still embedded somewhere in his loan. He says he pays his loan & pays on time. They are now taking money from my bankruptcy payments & paying in his mortgage for a house I no longer legally own or am entitled to.

Asked over 1 year ago in Louisiana
Categories: Debt & Bankruptcy

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