Misleading one day shipping offer at amazon.com

Hi At Amazon.com item page when I select my shipping address as I have two, in Blaine, WA, USA and Burnaby, BC, Canada, and it tells me the shipping cost and import cost if ship to Canada address or if it does not ship to Canada and so Amazon websites checks shipping addess and variables so when the one day shipping date is so clearly displayed with the arrival date, the customer expects to receive on that date otherwise it is misrepresentation and decieving the customer at checkout when other later date option were given excluding the one day shipping which entice the customer to buy. This is wrongful deception so is Amazon at fault? I was ordering this item on 15 Sept and one day shipping option 16 Sept given if buy within certain time period and I did and expects to have one day shipping as I have comply by ordering within that timeframe but at checkout I was not given one day shipping option and Amazon rep said that for Blaine, WA address only two day shipping available but shipping address was checked for variables in the first place and still the one day shipping was offered deceivingly. I am making this an issue for recompense. Attached is the snap shot of item page one day shipping offer. https://postimg.org/image/o7r2ob2hh/ Thanks Felix

Asked over 2 years ago in Blaine, Washington
Categories: Business Law

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