Unappreciative interfearing paternal grandmother who feels entitled to my daughter after her bad opinions

paternal grandmother interfearing and her influence is causing me relationship problems. she does not apprecare that i have bit my tongue on a lot of things when she is visiting my daughter. her bf who I's an illegal immigrant and uses a fake alias hates me and shows it. paternal grandmother has now banned me from her home for petty reasons like coming to allow her son (my daughters father) to visit with his dsughter unexpectedly. or visiting longer then she allowed . and she says her rules were made only for me. my daughters father shown me text of her threats to him sayin I need to be put in my place calling me a bitcheads and that I better let my daughtrr and soon to be son go visit her whIle I'm nothere there. she has a bad influence on my daughters father as it is texting him demanding him to take her side and not the bitch she says I am . I don't feel that I should have to allow my kids to visit with her and think something I did wrong that's why I'm not allowed to go there anymore and I'm worried my kids will think that maybe mommy's not right buto grandma is. by the way even after 3 petition's and an expaRte and multiple calls from cps from paternal grandmothere that have gotten denied and came and gone because it was all nonsense she is threatening her son again to help her get something she already had that I felt she appreciate after seeing how she felt about me again n again and always resorting to going to court and creating something up to gain access without giving me any respect and after her bad opinions and words towarsds me I don't feel she is a healthy person for me or my daughter. and soon to be son I disagree with a lot of things she does around my daughter but I bite my tongue because it's to pety and I know my daughter will come home with me in the end bit she keeps trying to fight around my authority. I's there anything I can do before she makes up another fake lie to begin a new petition ????

Asked over 2 years ago in California
Categories: Civil Litigation  Family

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