my employer gave me a write up for being absent from work for two weeks. let me start by saying that i broke out in a rash and my employer took me to the dr and dropped me off, would not let me return to work unless i had a statement saying the rash wasnt contagious. I had a drs note to release me to work the same day and my employer would not accept that. when i got a note that stated i wasnt contagious two weeks later they gave me a write up for being absent. I went to 3 different drs that told me it was three different things and when i turned in all my paperwork my employer wrote me up saying all my conditions were unrelated. I lost two weeks of work because they wouldnt take any of my drs statements that said i could return to work with no restrictions, my employer said the note had to say i was not contagious.

Asked about 3 years ago in Bowling green, Kentucky
Categories: Labour & Employment

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