Landlady ejecting me because she does not like my lady guest.

My land lady warned me not to have lady friend , when I resisted, she sent me to court. What do you advice. Her claim is that my lady guest asked her whether she is interested in me for preventing her from visiting me just for nothing.along the line , I reported to the husband of my land lady and a meeting was called and she further alleged that my lady guest did not greet her on one occasion. Meanwhile my land lady stays first floor whereas stay on the ground floor.Non of her allegation was substantiated but we had to apologize for the sake of peace. Only for my land lady to get physical with my friend one evening and also tried ejecting me by giving me my rent balance to leave which I rejected. I am to bring evidence to court next week since I pleaded not liable. Her demand is that the court eject me . What do you advice.

Asked almost 4 years ago in Minnesota
Categories: Landlord-Tenant

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