I want to move in with my mom, but my dad won't let me!

I want to move in with my mom but my dad won't let me, I am 14 years old and living in Arkansas, he took my phone for 6 months for it. My Mom wasn't around all my life because she was on drugs but she has been clean for 5 years now and has my brothers living with her. My mom says she still has joint custody but my dad says she doesn't. Me and my dad don't get along at all and I can't keep going on living with him. But my mom doesn't have the money for an attorney. Not only that mom doesn't live in Arkansas she lives in Alabama. I really don't know what to do, and I can't tell my dad because then I'll get in even more trouble. Please help!

Asked about 3 years ago in Arkansas
Categories: Human Rights  Family

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Sam Jubran

Answer by Sam Jubran

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Posted over 2 years ago

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