Friend is being stalked. how do we proceed?

A female friend of mine is being stalked. We went to the police and tried to ask for a restraining order. We were turned away. Reading up on it, it sounds like we should have asked to file a stalking complaint instead, and that is what we plan to do when we go back. We have very limited information on this person. She went on 1 date, got a bad vibe, and has ignored him since. We do not know if we even have his real phone number as he uses different numbers (burner phones) to harass my friend. He has shown up at her work claiming to be a police officer (security turned him away), but introduced himself to her as a probation officer on their date. We are not even sure we have a real name. Do we need legal representation? If so, what kind of lawyer do we need? How do we make sure this gets filed with the police properly this time? Should we consider a private investigator?

Asked about 4 years ago in San antonio, Texas
Categories: Criminal Law  Private Investigations

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