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I have&nbsp; some questions&nbsp; and need some assistance&nbsp; am inquiring on how to regain custody of my son my mother has guardianship but i&nbsp; want my son back also he is not living with her anymore he is currently in the another state her and her boyfriend of 15 years have separated and she is receiving aid for my son and she is not sending the money she gets for him to my step dad&nbsp; my mother is not stable to have my child she is on Xannix is severely depressed and also has had an affair with another man while the child was in the home . Am the legal mother and lost custody of my son back in 1999 i had a substance abuse problem&nbsp; i re entered the child&#039;s life back in 2008 i have been drug free since 2007 i have returned to college and am almost finished am currently doing a internship&nbsp; at a drug treatment facility . The child has a strong bond with my step father and do not want to take that away from him he is happy living with him . Am not sure what i need to do but would am open to any feedback .<br /><br /><br />Thank You<br />Crystal

Asked almost 10 years ago in Los angeles, California
Categories: Alternate Dispute Resolution

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