Writing fan-fiction and accepting donations on a platform called 'patreon'

So I basically write erotic fan-fiction some times and I've been inspired by some writers on a website called 'Patreon'. It's essentially a site for creators to receive support and donations from their fan-base. Now, as I understand it, fan-fiction itself is already standing on gray areas and I want to know is it allowed and how much trouble would I get into with copyright laws. My fan-base, supporters could participate in votes where they would decide what the characters in that particular fan-fiction would wear, how they act, what fetishes are included and that kind of thing. There's more rewards like where when they donate a certain amount then they can enter a raffle. The raffle winner then can send me an outline of their idea for a story and I will write it. His story. I write it out. Everyone will see it though, it's not going to be exclusive for that particular supporter. And, would the difference between 'donation' and selling 'fan-fiction' which I don't would that come into effect? How would that fit into this situation. I haven't studied laws because just... since a kid it's most of the time been 'this is wrong and that's right'

Asked over 3 years ago in New York
Categories: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright

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