What kind of rights or case i have against my bank and budget rental car who continues to charge my debit card?

Last week, I rented a car for 3 days and it was impounded by the police. My brother was driving the vehicle and he was driving with a suspended license who was not on the rental car agreement as an additional driver. I attempted to pick up the vehicle from the impound lot but Budget Rental Car would not allow me to do so. The recovery representative stated that a specialist would contact me and let me know what fees I would have to pay in the future for this matter. She said that I would receive a phone call with this information that day or the next day. As of now, I have not received a phone call or letter from anyone at Budget Rental Car regarding these fees, but my debit card has been charged approximately $3,500 (plus the initial rental car fees). I closed my debit card on 11/1, but 2 large debits from Budget has posted on my checking account on 11/2 and 11/3. How can Budget do that or my bank allow those charges on a debit card after it was closed? Please advise what rights or case I might have against Budget (as this seems pretty illegal to me that they can do this w/o any notification like the recovery rep stated or authorization for these charges).

Asked over 3 years ago in Indianapolis, Indiana
Categories: Consumer  General Legal Questions

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