Is taking photo at a port of entry legal?

is it permitted to take photos at a port of entry to the US? Suppose someone take a photo of the port of entry of US when the person is physically located still in territory of Canada, what law does the person subject to? (Either way, i suppose that the person has the freedom of doing so.) The CBP has stopped people from taking photo of their facility. it has been judged unconstitutional by the ACLU ( Do border agents have the right to confiscate the camera? or to impose any penalty? In general, how could someone protect itself at the border? So far, i've read suggestions to Canadian and US citizens, but how about foreigners who can be potentially denied entry? How could foreigners document the experience, if any? How could they challenge it? Do foreigners have the same rights as citizens do at the border? Thanks

Asked almost 4 years ago in New York
Categories: Immigration  Human Rights  Constitutional Law  Civil Rights Law

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