Extortion from mechanic please help!

I am having some issues with getting my car from the mechanic. It started in January when I dropped my car off. The owner seemed very courteous, and called me when he was free and ready to accept my car. He is doing an engine swap into my rolling body. So there is no engine in the car. I also live 100 miles away from his shop. Fast forward 3 months of no replies and me showing up with no work being done on my car. He finally calls me and tells me he's starting on my car, so i asked him how long it would take, and he wasnt sure. He stopped answering my calls and text, and on April 4th he told me he will be finished in two weeks. Two weeks go by and he told me my freshly built engine was no good, so he took the engine back out, and corrected the issue and put it back in. 6 weeks later he tells me that another part didnt fit and I needed to buy his. So i asked him could i just pay for what's done so far and get my car back. He said the car was done, just needed me to buy his part, after i finally bought it to speed things up. He said it will be done by June 14th, and I told him I need that to be the case because for the last month and a half I have been in Houston due to an Co-op. And my company would pay for my flight to come home, but I would be leaving by the 15th and wont be back until Christmas. Of course it's present day and my car is still not done. And after asking for an estimate he quoted me over $4000 in labor to put an engine, fuel regulator, and engine harness back in my car. I physically watched him take the engine out in 2 hours while laughing, playing, watching funny videos etc. However im being charged for nearly 40 hours of labor. Plus Ill start to rack up storage fees. I took 3 years and built an expensive engine and I feel like im being extorted so he can keep my car and Ive told him many times that im a college student, and that I need reasonable pricing. However, he never gave me a quote until now.He also bought parts without consulting me. I would have done this myself except I gave him the car during winter thinking it would be done by spring. When i said i am coming to get it, he began work. I am definitely being taken advantage of and my ignorance caused a lot of it. Is there anything I can do to get my car back, I will pay a reasonable amount for labor, but thats 2x as much as the biggest names in the area, Vengeance Racing and Hinson Motorsports. I did this on my mobile phone so my grammar will be off, I apologize in advance.

Asked almost 4 years ago in Auburn university, Alabama
Categories: Consumer  Contracts  Small Claims  Business Law

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