Need assistance on software eula

2. Grant of License2.1. The Rightholder hereby grants You a non-exclusive license to store, load, install, execute, and display (to “use”) the free of charge Software on a specified number of Computers in order to be used as an auxiliary tool to cure Your Computer on which the Software is installed, from threats described in the User Manual, according to the all technical requirements described in the User Manual and according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the “License”).2.2. You have the right to make a copy of the Software solely for back-up purposes and only to replace the legally owned copy if such copy is lost, destroyed or becomes unusable. This back-up copy cannot be used for other purposes and must be destroyed when you lose the right to use the Software or when Your license expires or is terminated for any other reason according to the legislation in force in the country of your principal residence or in the country where You are using the Software. 4. Limitations4.1. You shall not emulate, clone, rent, lend, lease, sell, modify, decompile, or reverse engineer the Software or disassemble or create derivative works based on the Software or any portion thereof with the sole exception of a non-waivable right granted to You by applicable legislation, and you shall not otherwise reduce any part of the Software to human readable form or transfer the licensed Software, or any subset of the licensed Software, nor permit any third party to do so, except to the extent the foregoing restriction is expressly prohibited by applicable law. Neither Software’s binary code nor source may be used or reverse engineered to re-create the program algorithm, which is proprietary. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by Rightholder and/or its suppliers, as applicable. Any such unauthorized use of the Software shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this Agreement and the License granted hereunder and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution against You. 4.2. You shall not rent, lease or lend the Software to any third party.4.3. You shall not use the Software in the creation of data or software used for detection, blocking or treating threats described in the User Manual.4.4. Technical support for the Software is available only for users of commercial products of the Rightholder ( it mean that I can use this software for commercial gain, for example, cleaning virus on my computer friend with payment?

Asked over 3 years ago in New York
Categories: Business Law

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