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I am in California and had eviction proceedings 11/2015. Prior to the trial, the opposing attorney sought me to discuss signing an "agreement to pay" but did not disclose, in fact hid the evidence that it was actually the judgement being signed. In the response I filed to the court had documented proof that I had actually made attempts to pay the property management company in the usual manner but was not accepted and would not process. I provided this information as I was making payments via bank wire. I had absolutely no intention of signing such a thing when I had that kind of proof, however, I did mention in my response that I was willing to pay the debt owed. I was not represented, I did not think that with such occasion, it was absolutely necessary but now knowing that I was misled to sign something I would ordinarily not sign, I feel a fool for not having a lawyer just in case. I only recently, about a week, found out about the judgement. I have not been contacted by any party or court after the trial. I should also mention that the only notice I received regarding the eviction, was the eviction papers being left on my doorstep after a knock on the door but nobody there when I answered the door. The server falsified documentation on his proof of service. I also never received the 3 day pay or quit.

Asked about 4 years ago in Rancho cucamonga, California
Categories: Small Claims

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