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I'm Here Asking for some help or advice on a incident that happen recently here in Highland, Arkansas on June 1, 2016. To start we met our property manager to go over the lease (Jeremy Rowland) and the owner of the buildings (Renee Clay) on May 31, 2016 to sign a three year lease for our pet store (Chance Are Your Pets) at Highland Square Shopping Center Unit N. After meeting with them I found out that the Land Lord (Renee Clay) was out of state so a Lady named Marlene Sawyer was the acting in behalf of Renee Clay as well as the notarizer, but what went wrong was when she pre-dated the stamp for the first. My business partner as well as husband was wasn't able to be there til the next day which was on the 1st. So on the 1st he went up there to sign the contract and after he signed it less than 30 minutes upon full completion of the contract we recieved a phone call stating that we are not allowed to move in do to us having live animals inside the building. Even after all personnel was aware do to Jeremy Rowland and myself telling them that we're have everything animals and all types of animals.

Asked over 3 years ago in Highland, Arkansas
Categories: Real Estate

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