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e: My fiancé was wrongfully imprisoned in 2014. He was involved in a accident in 2012. The child survived the crash but the defect in the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the gas tank took the child's life.. My fiancé lawyer was paid 16 grand and did nothing for him. His lawyer and the da were in cahoots with each other. Both of them knew about the defect and dos nothing to present that evidence. They railroaded him and told him if he did not plead guilty he would be looking at 30 years in prison. They gave him a 15 do 8. They threatened him and gave him a under duress plea.. The civil suit happened a few months after Bryan pled.. It was proven that Bryan did not cause the death of the child that Chrysler was 99% responsible for the child's death. There have been hundreds of deaths involving these jeeps and no one that hit the back of them served any time in prison.. I have proof that the da was well aware of the defect and Bryan wasent responsible for the death but the da and lawyer failed to present any of that in front of the judge. He has been in prison for a year and a half now. We have a three year old son who needs his daddy home... What can I do? This has been on the news and it is a Big ordeal. If a lawyer will take the case they can have whatever is won in the civil suit we do not care about the money we just want our family back together

Asked almost 4 years ago in Georgia
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