Health hazard - sister-in-law won't get rid of stray animals. living with my dad. he is concerned for his health and my niece's health.

Hi, I have a question involving my dad who lives in texas. My brother passed away over 10 years ago. My dad allowed my sister-in-law to remain in the house out of concern for her and her two daughters. She did not pay rent but did help out with utilities. However, it has turned into a very ugly situation. She has started feeding stray animals and even introduced them into the house - cats and dogs. They are not registered, not neutered and are sickly. Despite my dad not wanting those animals on the property, she has continued to feed them. There is waste around the house because she won't clean up after them. At one time the house was infested with flees. The day that animal control was suppose to pick up the animals, she locked all the dogs in her bedroom and animal control won't go in there because they are afraid of being sued. The health department told me that I have to get a sheriff's report in order for them to do anything. The police department said they can't do anything because there has to be paperwork. This is a very horrible and unsafe situation - healthwise- for everyone living there. However, no one seems to want to help. What can we do? What rights does she have? In my opinion, she doesn't have any rights. My dad allowed her to stay at the house out of the goodness of his heart. He never anticipated this horrible mess. My father lives in Texas. I live in Michigan. Trying to help him long-distance has been a nightmare. Please help. Any advice would be truly appreciated.

Asked about 4 years ago in Donna, Texas
Categories: Elder Law  Animals  Family  Health

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