Can my roommate and i recant a series of statements said to police?

Can my roommate and I recant a series of statements said to Police? My roommate and I had purchased something from a "seller" on the premises of a legitimate piece of furniture. It was not his to sell; it was stolen and the person was in the process of burgling another apartment directly across the hallway. After speaking with the new/actual resident of the property, and having him mention that his place was broken into, the next day I had called the police to facilitate the process of returning / giving back the furniture to its rightful owner. Both me and my roommate were less than sober (not drunk) but the police decided they didn't believe me, and not only charged me with a felony of having "stolen" the property but also having broken into (??) the place it was stolen from. This is wrong. I had the furniture at the doorway, and other items which this person left behind in the hallway, in my unit. My roommate had signed a Consent to Search, in which the other items (but not all of them, this person had also made away with some high end clothing, misc. goods, a camcorder, etc) were missing. Not knowing what my roommate had said, and not having a copy of the police report itself, can he and i -recant- any and all statements said to local law enforcement regarding this matter? To wit, are there any consequences (or) can the matter that the original statements have been recanted be presented? Thank you very much.

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