What will i need to prove a (one way) physical assault, that caused physical bodily harm? will photos with time/date of injuries be enough?

I need some legal advice on being a victim of physical assault. My boyfriend is the victim, but I'm trying to research for him, so that he has everything he needs when we press charges in the morning. As far as what proof we need, or if the evidence we have is enough. It took place at a bar. The other individual was drunk and had been there for over 5 hours. (Which I have proof of via posts on Facebook) they got into an altercation and my boyfriend walked away outside to smoke. The individual followed and proceeded to try to make him angry. He, being the one who only had 3 beers, was listening and telling the individual to go home. The individual, being very intoxicated, got annoyed and punch him in the mouth, as well as the nose. My boyfriend did not engage. Just got angry and fought back with a laugh. Which resulted in that second punch to the nose. After a few minutes of no retaliation, the individual disappeared. (Assuming he got in his car and drove home, DRUNK. Because no one saw him the remainder of the night ) The bartender heard yelling and screaming and called the police. The police quickly showed up at the bar and my boyfriend spoke with them briefly and explained the situation. They began to question him and asked if after the guy hit him twice if he hit him back. He replied No. Well since the other individual had supposedly went home. They could not question him. They got my boyfriends statement and told him to call me to get a ride home because he needed to leave the bar. He did not get a ticket, nor did he get arrested. When we got home I proceeded to take photos of his busted open lip, which will need a few stitches, and screenshotted as much evidence as possible from the other undid yaks Facebook. (Such as, address online, phone number, full name, and the post that he had posted showing he had been drinking up at the that specific bar for over 5 hours.) we plan on visiting the local police department first thing in the morning. We waited because we have a newborn baby whom nobody could watch at that time. And as well as he didn't want the police officers to disregard his report or send him home, due to having 3 alcoholic beverages in his system. He will be visiting the emergency room after the police station tomorrow morning. My question is how with the evidence that I have file this case? Will my photo evidence of the bodily injuries be good evidence? (These pictures also have date time and place they were taken.) what other evidence will I need if no one will step up as a witness because no one saw it. The other individual may I add has no scrapes, bumps, bruises or cuts of any kind. The individual was never touched in retaliation what so ever.

Asked over 4 years ago in Alvin, Texas
Categories: Criminal Law

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