What can i do after naturalization application denial due to concealment case?

On March 20th I was at sears and as I was texting I stepped outside the store with some merchandise in my bag. I was charged with concealment and my sentence was 30 days of jail, suspended for two years. In the immigration interview, I passed the test to become a citizen. I informed the officer about the traffic ticket violations and that I had a case pending in court. The officer told me that the case will not hinder the progress if the court does not rule more than a year of jail time. I received the denial letter stating that I must finish my time in order to demonstrate good character. Can I try to appeal this decision and what are the reasons that I should explain in it, and if not, Will I have to wait another clean 5 years after finishing the 2 years of suspension or I'll have to reapply again from the beginning once I finish my time or I'll be able to continue from the last step i reached after passing the immigration interview and the test to become a citizen?I really appreciate any help you can provide, Thanks.

Asked about 4 years ago in Virginia
Categories: Immigration

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