Can my mom sell the house even though my parents agreed not to in a divorce trial and my dad still owns half?

The following is from my dad. "I want to know after we (divorced wife and I) agreed to have a professional appraiser for the house in court for both sides that she can deny the work of that person. We already divorced and we agree to leave everything the way it is. Can one side go back on that agreement and try to sell the house? My son is the guy that pays the bills and he got the money from the government (SSI). Can we stop her from selling the house? I’m a disabled person and my name is on the title alongside hers. What can we do to stop this?" I'm also wondering if our debt with the mortgage is a factor because I haven't been able to pay it off for 5 years and have only been able to pay for the monthly mortgage rate. We're all too poor to cover it anytime soon, never mind whatever value my mom wants for selling the house, which I think is around 30,000 on a poorly maintained property.

Asked over 4 years ago in Dos palos, California
Categories: Real Estate

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