What can happen to me legally if i tell the da i made up my boyfriend physically abusive, to help him escape his charges?

My boyfriend and I got into a fight on a Tuesday night. It turned physical when he grabbed me by my neck, pulled me forward and threw me down. I ran into my room, the fight escalated verbally, he ended up pinning me down on my bed. When it finally ended, when he got off of me, he pushed his body weight on my ribs. Things calmed down. The following morning I was in pain, I mustered up the courage to calmly state that if something lil that happens again, I was scared he would hurt me worse. Again, he lost his temper with that statement. Same thing happened, grabbed me by my neck, ended up on top of me to restrain me. I was trying to get him out of my house and people heard us yelling. This resulted in a neighbor calling the police. When the first officer came I was outside, immediately approached him and told him what had all occurred. My boyfriend came out shortly after, I went back inside. Another officer arrived and talked to me inside my home, while my boyfriend continued to talk with the other cop outside. We are both on probation. Obviously he got arrested. The charges are disorderly conduct and battery. I also got arrested because I had faught back during him pinning my down, because he told the cops I struck him in the back of his head with a nightlight- I didn't get any new charges, I was brought into custody on a p.o. hold because I have a 'no abusive contact' order (against anyone) put in place on my probation rules

Asked almost 5 years ago in Wisconsin
Categories: Criminal Law  Civil Rights Law

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(Continued)..... Before taking me to jail I was asked if I wanted medical attention, an ambulance. I said yes, because I wasn't sure if any ribs may have broke. It turned out to be broken or torn cartilage. As a result of all this, we both have no contact orders with each other, put in place by probation. ....We have made contact. He is saying that I can submit a statement to the DA simply stating that I made it all up and the charges could all go away. I have no problem doing this, because he has proof on his cell phone of me violating the no contact. I'm fearful of that arising and I will be arrested for another probation violation. I know this is unhealthy and wrong. I'm asking please, do you know if I could get in trouble by saying I lied about it all, and that it was only a verbal argument?

Posted almost 5 years ago

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