Do i have a case against wells fargo and if don't any suggestions on what to do so it won't happen to no one else

I was trying to cash a check written out to me for 115 I sold my laptop when I tried to cash it at wells Fargo I couldn't they told me that they would first have to verify the check and told me that they were going to hold on to my check if I could have a seat or cone back I had an app so I agreed to come back right after my appointment but as soon as I was done and returning to the bank my father calls me all worried to rush home cus something was going on so I rushed home it turned out that the check was stolen and the account owner of the account showed up to my house threatening My father that if he didn't me his daughter to return his stuff from his stolen car that it would be real bad my dad went ahead and calmed him down and the man let my father take pic of the copys the bank provided him wich was all my information this happend on Tuesday July 14 2015 then on Thursday July 16 2015 when I went to the bank and asked them what was going on and why did they give the guy my copys they were just apologetic and kept giving lies but the manager did admit that she did talk to the person that gave him my stuff and told her not to so that ever again but I think that the manager handled my situation real bad she wasn't Profesional and even lied about the poor man saying that he must have stole it or took pic of it when the girl wasn't looking but my dad made that clear that this man did admit the bank gave him the info so that he could get his stuff back now what kind of case would this be in belive that if they don't get punished for what they have done they will do it again and someone will end up really hurt every night I go to sleep worried just in fear that this man could come back to kill me to look for some stuff that I don't have I didn't steal the check and I defenetly didn't steel his car can some one help please

Asked almost 5 years ago in California
Categories: Malpractice  Constitutional Law  Privacy Law  General Legal Questions  Civil Rights Law

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