Landlord will not let me get my things patlock on door illegal basement apartment

Hi I was living in basement apartment for about 8 months. Being that it was an illegal apartment and the landlords were filthy someone had called the inspectors about some trash they had on the side of the house and while the inspector was snooping around he came knocking on my door. To my surprise one day coming from work I found my door padlocked. He said I had to leave before the inspectors came back and I had nowhere to go or to take all my things. He told me I couldn't stay there but he'll keep my things there you I get myself situated. Now that I'm someone situated I asked to get my things he said ok I rented a uhaul and when I notify him that I'm on my way he says I cannot get my things without giving him $1,000. He lied to me saying my things weren't there anymore that they're in storage and that he's been paying for storage all this time and I'm like why would you have me rent a uhaul to come get my things from here to tell me this. So I jumped the gate that was also padlocked, so that I can see if my belongings are still there and through the window i saw that they are but he refused to allow me to retrieve anything. Saying I have to give him money. What should I do to get my belongings back. I have all my clothes my daughters clothes both of our bedroom sets and tvs and electronics and valuables down there. Can I take him to court? How do I go about this. Any advice would help and is very appreciated.

Asked almost 5 years ago in Paterson, New Jersey
Categories: Landlord-Tenant

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