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I'm a former employee of [a small company 10 employees]. It has been brought to my attention that criminal theft charges have been filed against me on behalf of the company. These charges are completely false and in fact no crime has ever been committed. I first was contacted by [owner]after he viewed my profile online and requested I interview with him over coffee. After a short lunch I was offered the position as marketing director and began employment with his company. [owner] immediately began what I expected to be a business relationship as a "friendship" and began purchasing many things for me. Every time I would decline his offers he pressured me into feeling like he was looking out for what was best for me and my future and he felt honored to. I mentioned to [owner] that I was uncomfortable many times because I have a hard time trusting anyone and he ensured me he only had pure intentions. Yes, I was naive, but he was my boss and I trusted him. Besides that, he was a lot older than me, so I didn't suspect he had other ideas (at first). When what I thought to be benevolence turned to a romantic interest I quickly became uncomfortable. I mentioned my discomfort several times. I couldn't turn him in for sexual harassment, because he was the owner. He continued to ignore my requests which lead me to seek employment elsewhere and eventually quit. He has since turned vengeful and hoping to ruin my future by charging me with theft. I am pursuing a career in accounting and a theft would greatly lessen the chance of a successful career in accounting. I am currently a junior at [University] and scheduled to graduate in 2016. It’s important that everything is made clear that no crime ever took place. I am guilty of accepting gifts from my boss but I am innocent to anything criminal. [owner] spent thousands of dollars on gifts. It is very clear none of these things were business related. The computer in question was not either. It was a gift to help me with school. It was purchased to be used for my major in accounting. I picked it out along with all its accessories after dinner that evening. I have the computer, all of the receipts along with the box it came in. It was purchased along with an expensive accounting software I need for class. There was never any reason to believe the computer was for his business. The computer was to be used for accounting purposes and personal use. There was a computer in the office I used to conduct business for [company]. I never used my computer for anything other than its intended use. His accusations are fueled by intuitions he held that fell through. He is doing this to be spiteful. If this was truly about a computer or monetary value he would request reimbursement and everything would be at question and determined in civil court. The reason he chose this route is to harm my future, which he stated several times he wanted to be a part of. What a theft accusation would bring to my future and career in accounting, something I love doing would be far more satisfying than reimbursement for the costs of his gifts and gestures throughout the time I worked for him. I have been residing in the same place since the beginning of my employment with [company]. [owner] is familiar with this address as he would pick me up for work. I am sure he knows where I currently reside as he has been seen driving by since I terminated employment with him. This matter was never brought to my attention and the police department did not visit my home or call my phone for questioning. I never had the opportunity to give my side of the story. I've attached a very short section from a conversation held between a friend of mine and [owner] showing he did not ask for reimbursement for anything. I am a very busy single mother continuing to further my education as a full time student. It would be very detrimental to my everyday routine to be arrested unexpectedly. I'm in desperate pursuit to clear my name of anything criminally and move on with my life. I have most of what he has purchased for me through my course of employment. I am willing to give back any and all gifts to [owner]. I am seeking council on the steps I should take to clear my name. Thank you for your time.

Asked over 5 years ago in Iowa
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