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I am paying child support for two separate children. I live in NY and so does my oldest daughter. My youngest child and her mother lives in Florida. I have had paperwork prepared for visitation for my daughter in Florida because her mother refuses to allow me contact with our child. There is no domestic violence or any other legal reason for this. Nothing at all other than her bitterness. She also has three older children that lives with her as well, I believe the oldest is 15. My existing problem is that I pay child support in NY for my 4 year old in Florida. Her mother is a school teacher (which I found out about online) and makes a salary of about (I guess) $35,000.00 to $40,000.00 annually according to what she told the child support courts. After doing some online research I see she is the "Managing member" and someone else is the "Manager" of a flooring business in Florida. I've seen the website, facebook page and twitter page. I am even her friend on Facebook (under an alias) and she doesn't know about it. I am returning to court for a modification that was adjourned until later in this month because I have been out of work since April 1, 2014. Can this evidence that I found be something I can bring up in child support court to have my bi-weekly payments lowered?

Asked about 5 years ago in New York
Categories: Family

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