What am i permitted to say during a tro hearing while a civil suit against the accuser is underway?

I am suing my ex for malicious prosecution. I have proof by means of her emails and recorded conversations that she lied to police and lied under oath. She has now lied again and has been granted another TRO. This will be the 6th time she's asked for a restraining order. The other 5 she dropped. Most of what I have to say against this new restraining order are instances that will be brought up during the civil case. I'm wondering if I'm allowed to talk about things that will come up in the pending civil case (discovery hasnt even started) or if talking about them in court now will jeopardize talking about it in front of a judge once the civil case is heard.Thank you for your help.

Asked almost 6 years ago in New Jersey
Categories: Civil Litigation  Family

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R. Douglas Kettell

Answer by R. Douglas Kettell

Not VerifiedMaryland lawyer

I am licensed in Maryland only. Not New Jersey. However, generally, you will be bound by statements made on the record and under oath. Good luck.

Posted almost 6 years ago

R. Douglas Kettell

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