Can i sue mistress or ex based on "fraud"?

Can I sue mistress or ex for conspiring, plotting divorce, set me up, intentionally humiliating me, secretly stealing/transferring marital assets without my knowledge, etc., causing me emotional distress? Sue her or him based on “fraud”? To seek unspecified amount of damages (e. g. $7 millions), plus returning transferred assets/gifts?

Asked over 5 years ago in New York
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Antonio Gimbernat

Answer by Antonio Gimbernat

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Yes, you can file a Civil Complaint against anyone. However, you will need Evidence such as Bank Statements, Withdrawal Checks from your Account with His/Her Signature (to prove Fraud). You must make sure the Account is Only in your name. If the account is in both of your names..., & he is legally allowed to make withdrawals..., you will need to prove the money was deposited into the account by yourself via a Deposit Slip & Paystub. He will then need to prove how the money was spent & if it was in the interest of your marriage. If he cannot, you may be successful. You can also sue for Punitive Damages such as (Pain & Suffering) for the inconvenience the deprivation of access to your Money caused you. Especially if you had to borrow money at a High Interest Rate (Pawn Shop). Slander & Libel, Harassment, & Breach of Marital Contract are valid reasons to file Civil Complaints. I will suggest you collect as many Evidence Documents as you can (Bank deposit slips, Bank Withdrawal Slips, Bank Statements, Pay Stubs, Pawn/Loan Receipts which reflect Interest paid etc.) & then make an appointment with a Local Divorce Attorney in your area. I will advise you have no contact with the defendants if possible, as it appears they are being deceitful & therefore they are undesirable company. Best wishes.

Posted over 5 years ago

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