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I live in a triplex and there were two months where my water bill was double what it usually is. Recently, the owners decided to repaint the exterior and the workers used a pressure hose prior to painting. At the same time I began wondering where they connected the hose to and when I looked to see where the hose was connected it was to my water line. I really believe that they must have used my water line the other times and that would be why the bill was more than usual. There was also an instance where I was in the hospital and while there my spouse went home to get some items and our neighbor had told us one of the maintenance guys had gone in our place without our permission. They said he had been banging on the door and they saw him inserting the key in our door. My neighbor yelled hey and the guy said it's ok I'm the owner when he wasn't. When I came home from hospital and went to bathroom to shower my loofa was gone and there was a 2nd bar of soap in there and this led me to believe he showered in my place. They now did work downstairs making another rental unit but my neighbors and I are wondering how that unit has electricity and wAter because for one thing there are only three water meters leading us to believe they have connected one of our water lines to the new rental unit below us. This is wrong on so many levels. What should I do from here?

Asked over 5 years ago in Union city, California
Categories: Landlord-Tenant

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