Can i sue the former poa after the "estate" is closed?

I am to sign a "Refunding/Release" bond freeing the executor from all responsibility of my aunt's estate (NJ). Prior to executor, he was POA, and changed a 100K POD CD in my name and used it to pay my aunt's expenses. When she died 2+ years ago, he netted about 400K from other of her accounts that he could have used for her expenses first. He was the residuary beneficiary, knew he was, and spent assets to his benefit. I have to sign the release to get my bequest; it's kind of like blackmail. THE QUESTION IS- can I sue him as a person or former POA, not an executor, in a court other than probate? I have tried probate court and the downside risk is too great. The evidence of the facts as I have described is strong

Asked about 5 years ago in Freehold, New Jersey
Categories: Civil Litigation

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