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alMatch… 1/2,2nd lawyer wont sthey call the wrecker back the police took a gascan from my house drove to town put gas incan and drove back to my house put gas in hisjeep and one of the police officer drove it off,not giving us any paper work on it still havenot got any paper work on it .the first lawyerlied to grand jury so we fried her and the onewe got now wont call us back has not seen mybrother yet still ,hes been in jail almost a yearwe have asked for a speedy trail cant get thatdone ,we asked for a bond reducetion has notdone that we cant even get him on the phone.i and my brother need help and this countydoes what it wants to do ,how can i find outabout the jeep they took ? and who do icontact about these lawyers cause i was told atthe grand jury if i lied i would go to jail so whatmakes the lawyer any differnt than me .i askedthe d.a he told me he couldnt disscuss it withme are my brother is that right iam cunfuessedand at my wits end ok .the police officer sayshe ddrug a boy down the road at 45 to 55miles an hour the three statments says hethinks he ran over his big toe thats its the emt9/28/2014 Case Details | LegalMatch

Asked over 5 years ago in Van zandt county, Texas
Categories: Criminal Law  Insurance

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