Officer fished for reason to search vehicle based on other officers false opinion

I was parked in public place and an officer pulled up to me and was suspicious of me. I ended up doing field sobriety tests in which I passed. The officer called a k9 unit to the scene and the dog alerted. Drug paraphernalia and drugs were found in my vehicle along with a handgun in which I didnt have a permit to carry. I was arrested and refused the implied consent and put into jail.When the officer first approached me in my vehicle he asked for my license and then he went back to his squad car. Instead of calling his dispatch, he made a cellphone call to a neighboring county deputy. He asked that deputy if he knew me and the deputy proceeded to tell the officer 3 untrue (im able to prove that what he said is untrue) statements. After hearing those statements from the neighboring county deputy, the officer proceeded back to me in my vehicle. He began "fishing" and questioning me in relation to what he had heard from the phone call that he made to the neighboring county deputy. This is what eventually led to my arrest.I am currently scheduled for pretrial. It was clear at the omnibus hearing that the arresting officer had no obvious reasoning to keep questioning me at the scene and that if he wouldnt have heard the untrue statements from the neighboring county deputy, he wouldnt have had any reasonable suspicion to proceed that night. However the judge proceeded to allow the case to proceed. What can I do to prove that this is an unfair case against me?

Asked over 6 years ago in Minnesota
Categories: Criminal Law

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