Evicted by in laws (not by wife) through manipulated force

Just before my wife's grandmother passed away she (grandmother) her mother and aunt(now owner of the property in which we resided) demanded that I and only I leave the household. Me and my wife are not divorcing. We were experiencing some financial hardships at the time and having issues making the rent which at the time her grandmother was understanding of. They forced my wife to break the news. I am "tolerated" on weekend visits by her family. But am not allowed to stay with my wife and children. To my wife's words she fought for this not to happen. Now she forced to pay more to cover expenses and hardly making ends meet. I am helping as much as I can and staying in the next state finding work and a place to stay even tho I don't want to reside I my current state. Her undue hardship is effecting my 2 boys (5 and 3) and her emotionally. She thinks she had no choice. Is this action by the in laws legal or can it be changed? I hope I described it with enough detail. Until state is Alabama and I am 50 miles away in mississippi.

Asked over 5 years ago in Alabama
Categories: Family  Landlord-Tenant

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