Divorce decree gone terribly wrong by omition and error

I got a divorce . My ex husband and I agreed upon me receiving 30% of a law suit that was pending ! Well on my divorce decree by omition and error on my attorneys end he wrote down 30% of the workmans comp lawsuit ! I believable he should have investigated the logistics of this case he never asked me anything ! This should be a mal practice suit! So now I'm ex has become a ward of court per his attorney he is incompetent ! My question is what is the level of incompetency he speaks normally he interacts normally he had facebook for years now . Which has conversation better than I would! Now my ex still feels this way he wants to tell someone that he still agrees to the original agreement. So now the case has settled and the workmans comp zeroed out! I get nothing ! What about my children they receive nothing also! The money is in a trust! I've had several attorney's one said she would do it on contingency three months later she wanted a retainer ! It sounded to me like bad practice ! Again ' so I never got my day in court to see if I could rectify this issue! I have two children one is college bound in a year they won't even help him! Please let me know if you can shed some light on this! Thank you

Asked over 5 years ago in 60622, Illinois
Categories: Malpractice  Contracts  General Legal Questions  Family

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