We are just tourist and we are leaving a few months later,can we face any trouble in the airport?

They caught me and my mom as a shoplifter in Kohl's store at IL chicago.But we didnt stole anything from that store.we had a 130$ shopping receipt in that day and we made a shopping 174$ previous day with a receipt.we shopping nearly 4 hours in same store bought lots of things jewelerry sacks legging etc.during our shopping my mom try a necklace to make a combination with other jewerlery that we bought.we take off its box but no alarm on it.than we keep going in the store tried some clothes etc.while we went o check out we forgot it on her arm and they arrested us in front of the door.he took us a room and said that we stole it.he all checked our bags but ofcourse find nothing.but still he said we are shoplifter he didnt call police but We were really afraid because he wasnt believe me.we are just tourist to come heere visit my couisen.he signed me a paper for not coming again that store.he didnt say anything about civil demand letter or fee that ı learned them while am searching.what am I do please help me ??do We need lawyer ??because I am leaving a couple of months later.we are coming europian country and we are well educated people.we are afraid because of reason if something happen while leaving or coming back usa in airport.he tooks our picture and copy our driving id.I wrote there an adress that we are staying now but I told them I am not so sure about the adress because we came here a week ago and I dont think it is important to know it .I did not need either .If kohl's send us that letter( he did not say anyting about that) and post officer not find us and we never learn we are in trouble or not.we are very sorry about the situaon but I dont know how I must do in that moment.maybe I have to said the security man I am not quilty I tried to explain him many times but not listened me call the cops before we signed the paper( not come kohl's again) I know I am asking lots of question please say something we are foreign and afraid.I am sure I made grammer mistake while I am writing please forgive me and I hope my situation and questions are understantable.

Asked almost 6 years ago in Illinois
Categories: Small Claims  Privacy Law

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