My frend was caught for shoplifting of 2 euros. she paid the 50 euros penalty in the shop. police was not called. what will do shop now? will they inform polic

My friend shoplifted, that is she ate and drank for 2 euros in total in supermarket in Germany and did not pay.She was caught and She paid 50 euro penalty in the shop. the shop took her ID details and address. She was banned to go to the supermarket. The shop did not call the police. She signed some papers. What did she sign? What does the shop do with her ID details? Can we forget about this incident? Or will there come something else? Will the shop pass the case to the police? Must we go to the police now? Do we need lawyer? She changes her apartment. Must we give the shop her her new address?

Asked almost 6 years ago in Wisconsin
Categories: Small Claims

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