Dog attacks intruder in my home protecting my family

This is for Mexico. If an intruder breaks into my house and my dogs attack him and it leads to injury/death what will happen to me and the dogs?

Asked almost 6 years ago in New Mexico
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James R Coleman

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As is the case with so many incidents, it will depend on the facts and local law.  For example, it would depend on what you mean by an "intruder" and "breaks in".  Was it a forcible entry in which a door or window was broken? Was it someone you know?  Were you home?  Was it inside or outside the house?  Did you call the police?  What did the police do?  Was the intruder arrested? Do your dogs have current rabies inoculations?  Have there been any past incidents of any kind with the dogs? Have you had your dogs trained at a regular obedience school? The intruder will likely try everything he/she can do to make it seem as if he/she was a guest, that he/she knocked on your door, you opened the door, and the dogs attacked.  Do you have homeowners or renters insurance?  Have you notified the company?  Are your breeds covered?  For example, if you have pit bulls, you may have a much bigger problem than if you have Golden Retrievers?  If you are covered, then they will have their lawyer take care of the case.  If not, this could be a difficult case.

Posted almost 6 years ago

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